Do you know how Gmail Fax Can Help You?

Do you know how Gmail Fax Can Help You?

Nowadays, we aren’t required to personalize a fax device to ship and acquire documents.

Using the next step in faxing, e-mail to fax, we can get started using nothing but our Gmail address and an Internet connection.

This new way of faxing has made communicating simpler and has erased all the costs and inconveniences of using a bulky facsimile machine.

The quality manner to begin faxing over e-mail is through fax-to-mail services. These companies charge a small monthly fee and provide a virtual fax number linked to your e-mail address to receive faxes as PDF attachments in e-mails.

Role of Gmail

Using Gmail for faxing gives you a reliable way to categorize and sort your faxes in a speedy and simple-to-use environment.

It also helps you integrate your Google accounts and take advantage of features such as cloud faxing using Google Docs.

The fax number you get comes at no extra cost with a faxing e-mail service and is virtual. Instead of a physical fax line, this number uses a FoIP (Fax Over Internet Protocol), allowing it to be available just minutes after setting up your account.

It is a major shift from traditional faxing, which requires the installation of a dedicated line to avoid missing documents. Your virtual line will never be busy.

Gmail-to-fax technology allows users to use features missing in machines. Thanks to scheduling, you can set your fax for a time and date and leave the office knowing the document will be delivered.

It means, in many cases re-trying several times to ensure the fax goes through the recipient’s number in case the line is busy.

Fax broadcasting is another feature that uses a common e-mail command to take care of a previously time-consuming task.

Using the Cc field on your Gmail compose window, you can enter several recipients, so they can receive the same fax without having to dial each number one by one.

Unlimited storage, however, ensures you always have a backup of your Gmail faxes in your online faxing dashboard area.

Features of Fax

One of the latest features quickly gathering popularity among users of all types, companies, and individuals is the ability to fax on the go.

You can go to the App Store or marketplace and download the fax app of the service of your choice, instantly turning your iPhone or smartphone into a virtual fax machine.

Faxes will arrive directly at Gmail and your mobile app so that you can view and even forward documents. Some companies have started experimenting with sending capabilities, using your phone’s camera as a “document scanner.”

If you are still using old technology, this is the time to make the change. Prices have decreased so much that nearly everyone can afford a digital fax solution in the office.

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