Stop Emails Going to Spam Folders

Stop Emails Going to Spam Folders



What is allowed listing? An allowlist lists legitimate/non-spammy domains that services such as Hotmail, Yahoo, etc., have.

If you can get on the list, there is a meager chance that the messages you send will reach your receiver’s spam folder. However, if your emails are too spammy, They can be removed.

Every email account has its safelist, so you can request in your emails that your followers should add you to their list to avoid missing important emails.

It is quickly done in the follower’s options but varies depending on whether they use Gmail, Hotmail, etc.

Don’t use spam language


You must realize that emails go into a person’s junk mail folder for many reasons, which can affect how you write your emails. Email services have controls to identify if an email is a spam.

Some software services will give you a ‘spam score’ so you can see the chances of your email being sent to the junk mailbox.

There are certain things to avoid, such as not using a lot of CAP writing, using many colorful texts, etc. Just keep it professional.

Update your email list


Another control email service used is to identify if you’re sending emails to email addresses that don’t exist or have been disabled.

It is because spam emails are sent to large mailing lists and not to a set of close followers.

If the service providers identify you were sending emails to disabled addresses, your domain will be given a high spam score meaning your future emails will most likely hit the junk mail folder.

The best way to overcome this is to keep your mailing lists updated so that the number of disabled email addresses is reduced.

Please don’t send it too fast


Another control the email service providers have is identifying how many emails you’re sending at a time.

If you’re sending lots of emails to thousands and thousands of people at once, it may mark your email as spam, and yes, you guessed it.

Your email is being dropped into the junk email folder. Each provider’s settings vary, so send the emails a handful at a time (maybe a few hundred to a thousand).

However, if this is your mailing list where regular emails are sent, you should have got your email followers to subscribe or at least safelist you. So this won’t be a problem as their accounts have identified you as a friend.

Image size is essential


Embedding images into your emails is fine (and I encourage it as it makes your content look more attractive). However, make sure they are a decent size.

The email providers identify large images as a lot of spam emails are just one big image, so words like ‘free’ and big cap words are not picked up (basically like one massive flyer just sent you).

If providers such as Hotmail can’t pick up much text from your email, it will be identified as spam.

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